Google Earth Discovers Out Of This Earth Objects In China

Published October 2, 2018 307 Plays

Rumble / Weird MysteriesRecent projects by the Chinese government and declassified files from the United Kingdom suggest China may know more about alien life than we previously thought...

This is not the pictures of Mars or the Moon. Even in China, with the necessary skill, you can find out what the object is. But let's see what we have.

Strange objects of unusual shapes were found on satellite images of the Chinese Gobi desert, taken by Google Maps. Internet users are vigorously discussing what this may be. The most predominant explanatios are: alien structures and secret military installations.

The unidentified buildings are located on the border of the Chinese provinces of Gansu and Xinjiang in the north-west of the country. This region of China is known for producing military, space and nuclear equipment. The satellite images of Google Earth show several types of “strange objects”, the origin of which can only be guessed. When viewed from above, one of them is a tangle of interlaced white stripes, the other is a giant circle outlined with dotted lines, in the center of which are objects that look like planes. Also, Google satellite recorded rust-colored squares and thin white streams in the desert, similar to Chinese “noodle” soup, as one of the Internet users pointedly noted.

Most of the objects recorded by the satellite are located less than 160 kilometers from the Jiuquan Chinese cosmodrome. Internet users are vigorously discussing what lies behind the mysterious frames of the Google satellite. Some suspect that the Chinese buildings might be part of a secret military training ground that the government had built for security reasons in the middle of the desert.

This assumption was met with a barrage of criticism. Skeptics write that if China really wanted to attack the United States, the last thing it would do would be to build objects of attack in full size. The fact that it is incredibly difficult to determine what the “secret” buildings were made from is added to the mystery.

It remains unclear whether these lines are installed directly on the ground or simply on maps. However, when scaling, you can see in some places the remains of burnt objects, which suggests that this is true markup for some purpose. Maybe for testing a new powerful weapon?

However, most likely the strange unidentified objects discovered in the Gobi Desert with the help of the Google Earth satellite have a well-explained purpose. White and blue circles, squares and grids in the Gobi Desert are clearly visible on the Google Earth images. For several days, the media all over the world have been speculating about what kind of strange huge buildings, tens of kilometers in length, can look like this from space.

As it turned out, many objects have military and industrial purposes and are indeed parts of the Chinese Lol-Nur test site. True, the country's government has never really concealed its existence. Among the industrial facilities that were previously considered unidentified, was a huge blue building, resembling a giant block of ice. It is one of the buildings of the world's largest potash plant. The company is also located near the closed military zone Lol-Nur, which is not a secret. In this part of the Gobi Desert, China has been conducting nuclear tests in recent years. which some Internet users compared in appearance with the “paste” Chinese soup, with a strong approximation turned out to be a network of wind electrical installations. For the development of wind power, China is now ranked first in the world.

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