Girl Waits For Her Brother And Gives Him A Hug Everyday After School

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Published: October 2, 2018Updated: October 3, 2018

Can't even imagine the love that must exist between a sister and a brother. I wish we could get to see this more often. Nowadays we are so isolated from people around us especially our families. We overlook the most important aspect of our life, our family. Think about it. When was the last time you hugged your sister or brother? Told them you love them and appreciate their presence more than anything in this world? Yeah, I can't remember either. Our entire life has become about either earning loads of money or becoming famous. We are glued to our phones scrolling through other's lives while at the same time missing on our own.

During the storm, the only ones who'll stick around will be your near dear ones, your family and not the people who we have spent hours stalking. Have we thought about it? We legit take them for granted. Our family is the only one who'll stick with us through all the thicks and thins and ups and downs. And yet they are the most underappreciated people in our lives.

Only if we could keep our phones, Instagram, Snapchat away and realise all the beautiful things happening around us is because of our family, our life would be way more fulfilling and wholesome and we wouldn't have to go back to our phones googling how to be happier.

How about from today we make a promise to ourselves to appreciate and cherish all the things our family does for us? About saying thank you when your mom, dad or your lover gets you that glass of water? Saying good morning to your partner before checking your phone? It could the be the smallest of the small things that could make a huge difference.

All and everyday frustrations are taken out on our family, ain't that true? They have become our punching bags. Something went wrong in school, we take it out on our moms, something went wrong with our job we take that out on partners. why is that the people who wish the best for us end up getting the worst from us? Why do we do that? I think it's high time we stop doing that. It's high time we start extending our gratitude, we start appreciating them, feeling thankful for them.

We need to remember that we have very limited times with the people who love us the most. We have very limited time to realize and receive all the love we get from them and we have very limited time to reciprocate that. So I think without wasting any more time we should think about all the things they have done for us, all the things they sacrificed for us, all the things they gave up for us, so they could see the small smile spread across our face.

That small smile. See that smile on that little girl’s face? Well, that's because that 3-year-old understands this more than we do. She understands the power of human connection, the power of touch, the power of heartwarming hug that could make someone's entire day. How is that, that the three-year-old understands something that we 30-year-olds fail to do.

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