Caretaker Discovers Taking A Selfie With A Lion Is Very Tricky

Published October 2, 2018 61,144 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsCheck out how loving this lion cub is at it hugs its caretaker. Taking a selfie with such a creature is no easy task! This video is absolutely shocking; you are guaranteed to be very surprised by this very unusual sight. First of all, it is not very often that people get to see a live, real lion in person. In addition to that, it is even more rare to find someone who actually owns a lion. Shall we keep going though? Oh yes, there is more. What could possibly be stranger than that? Try this on for size:

1. A real life lion
2. Owned by a regular guy just like any other domestic pet
3. The lion is so playful that he is literally hugging his owner.

When you step back and mix all of that information together, it is quite a surprising little group of facts. The man who owns this lion is obviously trying to create a video or take a picture of himself with his pet lion. From his point of view, this situation would definitely be a wonderful “Kodak” moment, being that this is not a common sighting that people encounter all that often. If a person owns a lion, and they take a video of themselves being hugged by this said lion, they can pretty much guarantee it is going to be a successful video that is probably going to get many, many views.

When this man’s lion pounces on him, just for a split second, viewers cannot help but take this situation in a completely different way. It looks like the lion is actually attacking him at first. It is a sight that makes people cringe and gasp, because of course no one goes through life wanting to be pounced on by a lion. The interesting part of this entire situation though, is the fact that the lion is actually not being malicious at all. This adolescent lion really is “hugging” its owner! Now that is truly not something many people have ever seen. Who knew that lions could be so playful? It really does just act like a big, domestic cat! This beautiful creature seems to be very excited when he or she sees her owner, and the excitement and adrenaline kick in, resulting in a pounce and a big lion hug. This is a pretty sweet moment to watch.

Most people are at least somewhat familiar with the stories that have been featured in national news about some very unfortunate incidents between an owner and their exotic pets. There are many people who have been either severely injured by their exotic pets; some have even been killed by these animals. This is a very scary situation for anyone to imagine themselves being in. Some critics say that there is no such thing as a 100 percent, perfectly safe exotic pet, and these critics also say that the risks of being attacked by these pets is so high that it is almost guaranteed to happen. However, this owner does not seem to worry about these potential risks too much. It seems like he has a very strong connection with this lion.