Eight-year-old girl tackles gun-wielding robbers after they mug her father

Newsflare Published October 1, 2018 14,192 Plays

Rumble This is the astonishing moment an eight-year-old girl tackles gun-wielding robbers moments after they mugged her father.

Schoolgirl Brielle Minia was playing on the driveway outside her home when the four men walked past posing as DVD sellers last Thursday afternoon (September 27) in Cavite, Philippines.

The three masked men approached her dad – who had just returned home from work in a white 4x4 – and held him up at gunpoint to steal his cash while one of the gang raided the family home.

The group ran back down the driveway in the opposite direction – with the only person between them and their getaway motorcycles being the little girl, who was walking back to see what the noise was.

Wearing a pink dress and pigtails, Brielle bravely lunged at the same man who had been holding the silver semi-automatic handgun. She ripped open his bag, sending the contents he had stolen onto the floor.

The youngster frantically tried to scoop it up as the robber towered over her then made a break for freedom.

But incredibly, the fearless youngster climbed to her feet and sprinted after the robber before hurling herself at him for a second time as they climbed onto their bikes.

Brielle was kicked to the ground and suffered cuts and bruises to her face, hands and a suspected broken nose.

The youngster spent two nights in hospital before returning home and bravely declaring: ''I'll get them next time.''

Brielle said that she was ''not afraid'' of the ''cowards'' and would do the same thing again. She added: ''I'm so angry they stole my daddy's money. If I ever see them again they'll be sorry.