Crane Sways as Typhoon Trami Hits Okinawa

StoryfulWeather Published September 28, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble / Strange WeatherHigh winds, torrential rains and powerful waves slammed into the coast of Okinawa on Saturday, September 29, as Typhoon Trami swept towards the Japanese island. The typhoon was forecast to make landfall over Okinawa later on Saturday before swinging northeast towards Kagoshima Prefecture’s Amami Islands and Japan’s home islands. NHK World reported the storm had knocked out power to 160,000 homes in Okinawa and more than 386 flights to Naha Airport had been cancelled on Saturday. This video shows a crane swaying under the force of the wind in Naha City, capital of Okinawa Prefecture. Credit: Instagram/obutch55 via Storyful