Sleepy Tot Can’t Keep Eyes Open But Clutches Sausage Roll

Published September 25, 2018 1,506 Views

A Greggs-loving tot was caught on camera repeatedly nodding off but valiantly defending his prized sausage roll from his mum’s hands. Little Ailbhe Byrne can be seen in the video nibbling on the snack but even as he falls asleep, keeps it clasped tightly between his hands.

Have you ever seen someone fight so much to eat a roll of sausage? If your answer is No, then you can not miss enjoying again and again this fun clip where you can see the small and very exhausted Ailbhe Byrne fighting a pitched battle against sleep, against mother (who apparently wants to take his delicious sandwich) and at the same time trying to devour his snack successfully. What determination!

Definitely this great lover of the exquisite appetizers of breakfast specialists Greggs, the largest and most popular chain of bakeries and pastry shops in the United Kingdom; she wants to eat all her sausage roll but unfortunately there is one thing that separates her from successfully achieving her "The Dream" assignment. What a fun moment!

In this joking situation, mom tries to take the adorable little girl's favorite sandwich, but clearly it's not so simple, Ailbhe clings to him and defends him bravely as if to say, nobody can take it from me! To his mother Caroline, this moment seems so funny that she decides to capture him with her camera while her sleepy little daughter nibbles and tries to savor her food.

This little girl will not give up so easily, she will definitely not let her sausage roll get out of hand because in every attempt to touch her, she clings to him as if her life depended on it; but it is also true that the dream is apparently taking a lot of ground in this battle. Who will win?

Not even the rich flavor of the sandwich manages to make this little girl keep her little eyes open, but her reflexes are still intact, so if Caroline believed that she could take the long-awaited roll away from her little hands, well, she was wrong!

This lover of these delicious and crunchy salty snacks only cares about one thing: Finish breakfast and why not? while that happens it could also take a short nap, it is clear that the little one can manage to do both simultaneously.

The only thing left to mom is to have fun while watching her little girl try to bite and digest her sandwich successfully, as well as see how she squeezes it tightly in her little hands, hopefully at some point she will overcome the implacable dream and enjoy herself as It deserves its rich food.

Definitely that the little ones at home do not stop making us laugh and fill us with absolute tenderness with everything they do, their games, laughs, occurrences and even the way they can not avoid falling asleep even when they are eating, are those things that make them so unique, fun and adorable. Who can resist so much tenderness?

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