Girl Gets A Puppy As An Early Birthday Present

Published September 24, 2018 83 Views

Rumble This heart-warming video shows the moment one little girl was given a pet puppy hidden in a bucket of KFC. Lindsay Harris, 37 decided to surprise her daughter Annalease with the French bulldog puppy at her home in Plymouth for her 7th birthday. Annalease is already a firm animal lover.

Annalease Harris has been asking for a dog for a very long time. She wanted to share her time and have a best friend. When got her surprise she was overwhelmed with emotions. The puppy was in an empty box of Kentucky Fried Chicken. He sat quietly in the box waiting for Annalease. When Annalease came from school her Mom, Linsay Harris is heard on the video saying that she purchased a box of chicken for the girl.

She thought it was time for dinner, but she was really surprised when she turned to the counter and instead of dinner she saw an amazing and adorable puppy.
“That is not ‘Kentucky’, that is a puppy!” she says in the video.

Rapidly dropping her books, Annalease can't hold up to hug on the delightful French Bulldog doggie. In any case, she's so overwhelmed with feelings that the young lady starts crying and leaning toward her mother. Obviously, the little young doggie, named Marvel, needs to know how much longer he needs to put on a show to be chicken!

Her Mom explained that she was planning this surprise for a long time and that she wanted to be an early birthday surprise for Annalease. She is a big animal lover and she already owns two rabbits, lizard, a pet snake and now an adorable French Bulldog!

Annaliese's mother knew that Marvel was the perfect dog for their family. They have visited him many times before being able to bring him home to their daughter. “They both play all the time, it took her a while to get used to him playing a lot and those little baby teeth, they walk together in the park every day.” says her mother. It is really clear that these two will grow up together and they will be best friends!

Having a dog as a family pet can be a really good environment for your kid! Dogs are animals, but they have a special place in our hearts and the hearts of many adults and children. They can teach children very valuable lessons which can help them grow into amazing people.

The first thing they can teach children is how to be responsible. Having them to remember to feed them, giving them water and taking them daily to walks can teach kids to know how it is to have responsibilities and how important are they.

They can also teach them to be patient, to have compassion, and they can teach them a lot about socialization. Last, but certainly not least, dogs are a lot of fun. They greet you with a wagging tail and they know how to cheer you even on your worst days. They can play fetch, tug-of-war and they can keep them company on a rainy day when your kids are bored. As we said a hundred times, we think is worth mentioning once again that dogs are truly the best!

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