Soldier Reunites With His Dog After Being Away For Six Months

Published September 24, 2018 14,544 Views

Rumble When soldiers are deployed, their absence is felt not only by family and friends but also by their dogs. Dogs can fell confused and abandoned, but this video shows us that everything goes away when they see their buddy after a long time. Still, wonder why dogs are called man’s best friend? Just look at this video again and you will find out everything about true love!

This adorable dog was sent into a state of delirium when his soldier dad surprised him after six months of being away – proving absence really makes the heart grow fonder. Best buds Bentley, 2, and his soldier dad, Dylan Cox, hadn’t seen each other for over half a year on account of Dylan being stationed in South Korea, but the golden retriever wasted no time in showing Dylan just how much he’d missed him.

As soon as his buddy walked in their home, little Bentley knew that he was home. He started shaking and he was full of excitement when he found out who's lurking around the corner! Wagging his tail ferociously, Bentley knocked the 25-year-old 1st Lieutenant off of his feet as he bounded, ran and spun uncontrollably.

Pleased to be reunited again, Dylan's wife, Amelia, who caught the charming moment on film, was moved to tears by the pair's reactions. Amelia said: “They are just best buds. “Dylan was afraid Bentley wouldn’t remember him when he returned from deployment, because he was so young when he left. “I had no doubt in my mind that Bentley wouldn’t forget him. “When Dylan and I were able to FaceTime while he was away, Bentley would recognize his voice and even stare down the phone at him. “This video is the perfect example of the love dogs have for their owners. “It really was an overwhelming experience, because it was our first deployment.

They were all so happy that the family is together once again. They filmed this amazing video full of emotions back in February, however, people kept asking them for the video they've decided to share it with the world so they've posted it to social media. How amazing is this video?

Soldiers are the pride of each country. Soldiers defend the pride and the respect of their country with their life and blood. He needs to rise above his own self to guard his country. To be a soldier you must be trained, steadfast, solid, and to have a fellowship. Their precedent fills in like a guiding light to other people who are agreeable and weak. Their lives are a wellspring of motivation to the adolescent of the country. They serve the country to the best of their capacity.

It takes some extra something and that special gene to be a soldier. It takes bravery, skills, and love for the country. And when these soldiers return home after a long time away from their family they deserved to be welcomed home like this. With endless hugs and kisses and a whole lot of love.

By Luke Kenton

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