Hilarious Moment Pooch Jumps Up The Door To Peek At Pals

Caters_NewsPublished: September 20, 201812 views
Published: September 20, 2018

Nothing to see here… This is just the crazy footage of a two-year-old pooch going through his daily routine. Taking place at home in Los Angeles on September 15, the routine includes continuously leaping up a door to see his neighborhood fur friends.

This adorable pup seems to know something we don’t know. There has got to be something going on on the other side of that fence that he HAS to get to!

We all love watching our pets do what seems to be really strange and crazy things from our point of view and this is a perfect example. Obviously, this pooch’s owner is not at all phased by the spectacle, though. It seems that it must be used to this sort of thing from her beloved pet!

Situations like these are even funnier though when you try to see them through the pet’s point of view. For example, every dog owner in the world has had at least one moment where their dog seems to be barking at… oh yes, you already know what I am going to say… NOTHING!

They will literally be staring through a window at an empty yard, barking at full volume, on alert, as if there is a catastrophe or Armageddon going on outside! It is usually at this time that we as the owner fuss at our pup, because we do not understand at all what they are barking at. All we know is that they are not only disturbing us but more than likely, they are also waking up the entire neighborhood! The last thing any of us needs is a complaint from the neighborhood association about our crazy barking dog! As someone told us years ago though, here is what might be going through the dog’s head at that moment:

“Mom! You don’t understand! How did you miss it!? There was a bunch of stuff going on outside today, and I protected you from all of them! Why are you getting mad at me? Isn’t that what I am supposed to do? See now, mom, here is what I did just now: I protected you from a scary serial killer mailman, 2 stray cats, and a really sketchy looking paper bag! You don’t even understand that I saved your life today! Who knows what that paper bag could have done! But no worries, mom! I scared them all away! Now that is what I call a day’s work well done!”

We can’t think about this without chuckling. What a difference the world must look like through our precious pets’ eyes!

In this video, perhaps this pup is scouting out something “sketchy” going on over there! From its point of view, there could be a slew of dangerous critters and objects coming to get his mommy, but he will save her from all of them!

Even though we don’t always understand them, we always appreciate the blessing of having them in our lives. Pets bring love to our world. They bring peace and harmony, even if it is occasionally interrupted by their crazy antics — like jumping up and down repeatedly at the fence for some reason that we do not understand. The bottom line here, though, is that we all love our babies, and we know that life would be much less interesting if we did not have them in our lives!

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