7-Year-Old Boy Feeds, Bathes And Sleeps With His Three Pet Snakes

Published September 19, 2018 1,086 Plays

Rumble A seven-year-old boy has left his parents terrified by befriending three deadly snakes. Devesh Adivasi, seven, sleeps, bathes and eats with his snake best friends – and he even messages the slithery reptile's skin with oil. The schoolboy from Pathada Village, Madhya Pradesh in central India began his unusual friendship with snakes.

Some keep dogs and cats at home, others rejoice in playing with their golden fish and talkative parrots, but the 7-year-old Dewesh Adivasi from the village of Pathada if the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh started filling the house with snakes.

The story began four years ago when the little boy had an amazing dream about snakes. When he woke up, he told his parents about it, and after that, he just went into the jungle. A few hours later, he returned with two snakes.

For four years the boy made friends with 15 reptiles. Usually, he goes to the jungle, finds two or three snakes there and takes them to his home. For a few days, he manages to train them so well so they become best friends: they sleep together, play, bathe and dine, and after a few days, Devesh brings them back to the wild. According to the boy, he knows his snakes "in person". There is definitely a special attachment between the three of them and this special boy - believe it or not, they use to slither up from the forest so he can feed them eat something delicious.

Fortunately, all Deves "domestic" snakes are not poisonous, but they never once bit the boy.

Local people consider the child to be special and are sure that this little boy has "divine power and abilities". Adults have long resigned themselves to be fervent supporters of this schoolboy, but, unfortunately, other children try to avoid him when he walks with his reptiles.

It seems that there are tones more to be learned about snakes. When on the topic, do check the following video where a guy falls while riding his bike and lands on top of rattlesnake.

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He was able to unclip his right shoe and push himself to the left of the trail to get away from this mad-as-hell snake. That's when he pulled out his cell phone to take video. He would have stayed longer but the snake was acting aggressively an started moving toward him so he was outta there! Crazy!