Irish Dad Has Priceless Reaction To Baby Doll Prank

Storyful Published September 17, 2018 352 Plays

Rumble / Pranks - This grandad was busy cooing over his new granddaughter in Ennis, County Clare, when his son decided to play a trick on him. Swapping his daughter Robyn with a baby doll, Ethan convinced his father Patrick that he had just thrown his own baby into the air. In the video uploaded to Facebook on September 9, Patrick can be heard roaring “Jesus Christ, my neck!” as he watched Ethan drop the doll onto the floor and he made a sudden movement in a struggle to catch her.

People have been pulling pranks on one another since the beginning of time. Some are innocent and fall for jokes, others are devious as they may come. Pranksters have been playing tricks on people for the sake of entertainment or just for the sake of showing off or “marking a territory”, so to speak.

Pranks are generally lighthearted and without lasting impact since they aim to make the victim feel humbled or foolish, but not victimized or humiliated. Thus most practical jokes are affectionate gestures of humor and designed to encourage laughter.

That being said, it seems that this baby from another video already knows how to play tricks on people and have a good laugh while they’re at it! He’s sitting on the floor with dad and playing with his toys, but dad has claimed his sensory ball as a pillow. Of course, baby wants his sentiment known, so as soon as dad turns away to watch a show, the baby reaches out and grabs dad’s “pillow” right for under his head!

‘Hey, that’s my pillow” says the dad, to which the adorable kid starts giggling. Every time dad reclaims his 'pillow', the baby takes it back right from under him and every time he does that, the giggling turns to contagious, hiccups-inducing laughter! This clip is sure to put a smile on your face. Cuteness overload!

Dads are terrible at making jokes. Whether it is telling one or throwing a prank, it seems dads can never fine tune their attempts at making us laugh. It is either that or they all have just a terrible sense of humor. Could be the latter.

One dad felt it super important to put a real-size Chucky doll inside his closet, then call each one of his three kids to come and help him kill a spider inside. Let’s see how that turned out.

He starts with his son, the youngest kid in the family, who doesn’t even find it weird that dad won’t kill the freaky spider on his own, but would much rather have him brave out there and do it. The kid opens the door and looks around, but the doll with the bright red hair doesn’t seem to push any of the kid’s buttons. When the boy finally notices Chucky between the hangers, with his devious smile, the kid just retreats slowly, not turning his back to the doll once. Clever kid.

When his older sister gets called in to help, her reaction is the polar opposite of her brother’s. As soon as she sets eye on the demonic doll, she lets out a scream of terror, followed by the realization that her dad has a terrible sense of humor.

The oldest daughter seems to have had just enough of experience with her dad’s jokes, so she is hesitant to open the closet door. When her dad does it for her, her eyes widen in surprise, but as soon as she realizes it is just a prank, she still throws a shoe at the “spider”. We are really sorry about this, kids.

Credit: Bebhinn Tuohy via Storyful