Genius Dad Fixes His Daughter's Hair Holding Her Upside Down

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Rumble A creative dad has gone viral after coming up with a genius ‘dad hack’ to do his daughter’s hair - using his feet to hold her upside down while he puts her hair into a ponytail. Resourceful dad Zach Herren, from Lexington, Kentucky, was playing with his two-year-old daughter Kenleigh before getting her ready when he noticed her hair getting in her eyes.

He attempted to tackle it the normal way but she started throwing a tantrum - a common problem for mom Kayla too - so decided to try something new. Zach put her in the airplane position and started singing her favorite song from her the movie Frozen, and to their surprise she was more than happy to cooperate.

The second time Zach tried his hack, Kayla decided to record it to share with all of her friend's husbands and the response has been crazy with thousands of other dads watching the video and later commenting the hack works for them as well.

Talking about fathers doing their daughter’s hairs, check out this awesome video! Wow this dad has some awesome skills! The hairstyle he gives his adorable daughter is amazing! He first puts her hair into pigtails and starts to braid each one, once they are braided, he puts them up in cute little buns. What an awesome hairstyle, she looks very pretty! The little girl loves to be pampered by her dad! Her dad has some pretty neat hair ideas, he even uses a toothbrush to push back some of her baby hairs. What a smart idea! His daughter has the biggest smile on her face. She loves her new hair style!

It doesn't matter if you're a mom or dad, anyone can do cool and unique hairstyles. This video puts a big smile on your face. It's so nice to see the close bond these two share. They love each other so much. Her dad wants her hair to be perfect and he definitely accomplished that. It looks amazing! Way to go! If you're looking for some hair products to make your hair look as awesome as this little girls, check out some of the best selling products. Time to show off your fabulous hairstyles!

It is amazing to know how many fathers go out of their ways to make their daughters happy, even if that means helping them with fixing their hairs. Better yet, fixing their dolls’ hairs! Cuteness overload! When his two daughters were struggling to figure out how to tie up their Barbie doll’s hair, this dad had an amazing solution. He brought the vacuum cleaner into the room, put elastic bands on the end of the pipe, and after sucking the hair into it, flicked the bands on, perfectly tying the hair.

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