What Will Continents Look Like in the Future?

SeekerPublished: September 14, 2018
Published: September 14, 2018

The forces that pulled that broke Pangea apart 250 million years ago are still here today, so what will the earth look like in another 250 million years? That is a very long way off so no one can say for sure, but we can make educated guesses based on what’s happening right now.

The Earth’s surface isn’t set in stone. The crust and upper part of the molten mantle, together called the lithosphere, are broken up into several tectonic plates that fit together like puzzle pieces. These plates glide around on the Earth’s molten interior, creating mountains and volcanoes where they collide, new crust where they separate, and earthquakes where they slide past each other. The plates only move centimeters each year, but sometimes dramatic events happen suddenly. Like the giant crack that just opened up in Africa.

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