Prankster performs 'Baby Shark' challenge in UK supermarket

Newsflare Published September 11, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble / Pranks - Shoppers at a supermarket in West Cumbria, England, were left surprised when a prankster took over the checkout section and started dancing to the viral "Baby Shark" song.

Shoppers in Workington were left amused as Discoboy waltzed into the supermarket blaring the viral song from a loudspeaker while donning his trademark outfit of very short shorts and winter hat on Sunday (September 9).

Children's song "Baby Shark" is the latest viral sensation, its annoyingly catchy theme becoming so popular that it has made into the music charts.

Discoboy - aka Lee Marshall - is an infamous Youtube star whose antics have racked up millions of views.