Adorable Guilty Dog Can't Keep A Straight Face

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesSadie the dog got some dirty undies out of the laundry room. When confronted about it, her face simply says it all!

How many of us have a naughty friend at home who does unimaginable things while we are away? Well, Sadie is not the exception to that statement; as this unruly pooch can have as a favorite pastime taking out the underwear from the dirty laundry and leave it scattered throughout the house.

While her owner is not at home, Sadie takes over the place and always leaves traces of her their daily pranks; but undoubtedly, her favorite area is the place where the washing is done and the dirty underwear might be what she enjoys most.

However, all that fun usually ends when her owner Max arrives and asks her "Who has done this?"

Surprisingly, this astute little dog reacts unexpectedly and in instead of feeling a minimum sense of guilt, then-No; Sadie decides to choose her face few friends to try to get out of the mess she has gotten.

She a very smart pooch, and it is not the first time this playful dog has used this technique to get away from the disasters she has done. What a way to manipulate!

Max, is surely already used to having situations like this where his
best friend shows him a face that leaves a lot to be desired and a grumpy appearance to evade the responsibility in the matter. This is something that has become very funny and he ends up surrendering to such an ingenious reaction, forgiving her one more time.

Definitely, this dog has a lot of attitude to show, which is bold and in the end - it works.

Although she seems cantankerous, is actually very sweet, and friendly dog. She is a playful and an excellent companion, unfortunately, she does not handle stressful situations very well, much less knowing that her facial expression betrays her, that she is extremely guilty and that her owner knows it.

But what would be of many homes without the presence of these smart and ingenious companions? The personality of our canine friends can vary by the race, the age and the environment where they are unfolding; but without a doubt what that is true, is that the insight they have and their way of reacting to certain situations always leave us abysmal.

They flood our homes with moments full of tenderness, a lot of loyalty, an inestimable company and of course a lot of chaos, you never know what you'll find when you get home after leaving these rioters alone
companions; best of all is that they always manage brilliantly to be successful and be forgiven with their faces full of guilt that melt any

It is possible that the protagonist of this fun moment continues to leave traces of her games wherever she goes; since maybe she cannot resist seeing a laundry basket without removing even a couple of garments, but we know that her owner will forgive her and let's be honest: who could resist that guilty face?

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