Hygiene-Loving Monkey Enjoys His Time Under The Shower

TagPublished: September 9, 2018Updated: September 11, 20183,166 views
Published: September 9, 2018Updated: September 11, 2018

Check out how happy and relaxed this monkey is as he sits through a lovely shower. He even rubs some lotion on its tiny body! Cuteness overload!

Watch this adorable video that you will surely love, where this little monkey enjoys his bath. It's the most adorable thing you'll see! This beautiful little monkey loves to bathe and be clean, something not very common in monkeys of his type. How nice is this little monkey, who with his little hands wipes his hairy body with the help of his owner, who holds the shower so he can bathe comfortably.

Although the bathroom is supposed to be something private, it is obvious that this adorable monkey isn’t bothers being watched as it takes shower. It is an overload of tenderness! It is evident that bath time is very special for this furry friend who enjoys his bath in the best way, because for him hygiene is first, and he wants to be very clean so that everyone wants to hug him and give him love. How adorable!

While the charismatic monkey takes his bath, owner takes away the shower and it seems that the monkey does not like to stop feeling the refreshing spray of water on him, because he takes the shower back with his tiny hands and puts the running water back under him; as if he was saying, I am not finished yet! Apparently he takes the necessary time in each bathing session, with all the patience in the world and loving owner must wait for him.

This monkey has adorable little eyes and shows us that he is a big boy and knows how to take a bath, as it were very usual thing to do by its own. The monkey does not want to get away from the refreshing shower and lets his owner know that he does not want to remove the shower on repeated occasions because he wants to continue bathing and rubbing his body in the tub.

It's amazing to see this monkey bathing, and learn the fact that he loves water! As he takes his bath, cleaning his ears and body, he seems to be enjoying it so much. Wow how he loves to get his neck wet! After sitting under the running water for a long time, the monkey starts looking around for something, and we assume that he is looking for the soap or shampoo to get even cleaner and finish bathing.

Monkeys are such incredible animals that can easily adapt to most human customs, thanks to their great intelligence and the surprising percentage of DNA they share with humans. No doubt that monkeys can create a close relationship with people, to the point of putting them in your shower and lending them your soap like in this video.

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