4-Year-Old Girl With Cerebral Palsy Walks Unaided For The First Time

Published September 7, 2018 368 Plays

Rumble This is the heart-warming moment a little girl with cerebral palsy took her first steps alone on the first day of primary school – with encouragement from her devoted twin brother. Determined Millie Bea Hughes, 4, told mum Natalie Hughes that she wanted to walk into school on her own on her first day of school.

In the video, you can see Millie, wearing a crisp-new her new school uniform beaming a wide smile on her face, managing to make her first unstable steps. Behind Millie, you can see Natalie, 36, a mother of two supporting her at all times, while Millie’s twin brother Evan walks in front in order to encourage her. He even offers to bring Millie a toy or her stick to help.

Millie and Evan are twins and are inseparable from birth. From the moment Evan started walking he is always ready to fetch something for his minutes older sister: shoes, toys, clothes. It is because she cannot do it herself.

Millie was born on 26th January 2014 at 32 weeks, 13 minutes before her twin brother Evan Ray. Millie was born with cerebral palsy.

The term cerebral palsy designates the aggregate of various chronic symptoms possessing non-progressive currents, which concern violations of the human motor sphere. These motor disorders are a consequence of damage to the structures of the central nervous system, which occurs in the prenatal period - that is, during pregnancy. The cerebral malfunctions affect the cortical structures, subcortical areas, the capsule, and the brain stem. Sometimes, cerebral palsy is confused with the term infantile paralysis, which refers to a set of disorders that have developed as a consequence of previous polio.

Infant cerebral palsy was detected and first studied at the beginning of the XIX century by the British doctor Little. Subsequently, this form of infant cerebral palsy was called "Little's disease". The British believed that the cause of cerebral palsy lies in the pathological course of childbirth when a child experiences severe hypoxia. However, later Sigmund Freud, who also studied cerebral palsy, hypothesized that the cause of the disease lies in the damage to the structures of the central nervous system in the period of intrauterine development. This assumption was confirmed in the 1980s of the XX century. Freud made an excellent classification of the forms of infantile cerebral palsy, on the basis of which all modern classifications were created.

Luckily, modern medicine can help children like Millie and remove some of the difficulties they are struggling with.

Millie has just had a very costly operation – a Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) at Portland Hospital in London on January 13. Extensive physical therapy followed soon after, which enabled that this schoolgirl will not be so much dependent on her walking frame and will use sticks to get around. The same ones Evan wants to bring toys for. Heartwarming!

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Cole, the young man in the video, runs a vlog channel where he shows off his life with his girlfriend, Charisma. His channel is called Roll with Cole and Charisma, with some irony lies in the fact that Cole uses a wheelchair.

Cole is quadriplegic, which means partial or total paralysis of all four limbs, especially the legs. Most commonly caused by a spinal injury or disease in the neck. Obviously, Cole has some of his mobility in his arms so he might be partially paralyzed in his arms and totally paralyzed in his legs. Cole and his mother founded RollWithCole organization to help promote active lifestyles and raise awareness for the physically challenged within the Virginia region, with hopes to reach people further than that!