Woman Decides To Style Her Hair With Clothes Iron

NewsflarePublished: September 6, 2018
Published: September 6, 2018

Every now and then, we have all experienced a bad hair day. A day when we look at the mirror and we are puzzled about how could our hair get so messy overnight when we know that the moment we got to bed, our hair was perfectly fine! However, there are other days when we just hate the fact that our hair is naturally curly or straight and we just badly wish to “borrow” the hair from our best friend or colleague. Those are the days when we feel like shaking our head or getting in the shower with a hope that our hair will be different afterwards. It’s probably a women’s thing, this obsession with the hair and the way it looks. That’s why many women decide to take the matters in their own hands and shape the destiny of their hair.

We have all seen the movie “Bridget Jones Diary” (The Edge of Reason) where the poor old Bridget was doing her best to leave a good impression for Mr. Darcy. There she was, getting ready for the Law Council Dinner in the hope of receiving an engagement ring but instead she suffered a string of unlucky accidents starting with a clothes iron and backcombed hair. A woman from Dallas, Texas, used exactly the same technique to style her hair as Bridget did in the movie. She tried to style her hair with an actual clothes iron, holding the household device uncomfortably close to her scalp. The woman was allegedly smoothing her hair down with the clothes iron because she was heading to class she shared with a man she was interested in. If not doing it for somebody you like, then for whom? Because we have all been caught in a bundle of nerves when we need some emergency hair maintenance and don’t have the proper equipment at hand. So, we fall back on whatever springs to our minds first, may that be an actual iron for clothes.

"Now you know she from Dallas if she doing this!" the filmer states with amusement.

"She gotta do what she gotta do!" her friends state, questioning whether the device was actually on.

In this comical clip, we can see the woman straightening her hair DIY in the nick of time and we can only say that she is totally resourceful. The unfazed lady is resolved to make her locks straight and she can’t be stopped. Of course, we can pardon her, because she is doing it for the man she likes hoping that her hairdo will bring her a boyfriend. Using a clothes iron may seem like an urban myth, but it used to be all the rage before hair straighteners became a household essential.

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