Baby Elephant With A Missing Trunk Is Spotted In The Wild

NewsflarePublished: September 6, 2018
Published: September 6, 2018

Safari-goers spotted the heartbreaking sight of a baby elephant without its trunk. The footage captured in Kruger National Park, South Africa, shows the calf wandering around with its family. The poor creature is bizarrely lacking the iconic appendage. It is not known how this occurred, but the filmer writes that it was likely removed by a predator. The footage was captured on September 1.

He adds: "Crocodiles grabbing baby elephants by their trunks while drinking water have been recorded in Kruger before and this was the most likely reason for this baby elephant losing its crucially important body part. An individual can simply not survive without its trunk. Elephants use their trunks to feed, drink water and smell. Unfortunately, the future for this poor little one looked very bleak." There are fears about this baby elephant when it comes to its survival. Without its trunk, it is not clear whether it is going to survive. Even the concerned safari staff don’t know how this baby lost its trunk, it was probably mauled by a predator.

A crocodile or a lion may have savaged it while the elephant was drinking water from a lake. There are also concerns it may have been caught in a hunter’s snare. Elephants’ trunks are of vital importance for their survival - with their help they can breath, smell, touch, grasp, produce sounds, pick food from trees and low on the ground and drink two gallons of water at a time with it. If an elephant’s trunk is stunted at birth, then it can quickly grow longer over the course of a couple of days. But in the case of the elephant in this video, it is unlikely that it will grow its trunk back. Losing its trunk vastly reduces the elephant’s chances of surviving in the wild. it would be near-impossible for the animal to consume that much food or water.

The trunk is also used for bonding with other elephants, so by not having one there's a risk that it will become alienated from the herd and leave itself even more vulnerable to attacks from predators. If this happened the animal would be dealing with the dual problem of having no back-up from its herd-mates and having to fight off predators without the use of its strong trunk.

These beautiful gentle giants live in the wild and are used to being photographed and filmed by safari tourists. However, they freely roam around and browse at tourists if they want. elephants are indeed clever creatures and they listen to instructions well. Their memory can span many years. They can also display signs of grief, joy, anger and play. There are indeed many heart-stopping moments in videos where elephants even massage volunteers with their feet lightly and walk over them.

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