Husky Tries To Figure Out How Water Fountain Works

BuzzVideosPublished: September 5, 2018Updated: September 6, 2018
Published: September 5, 2018Updated: September 6, 2018

Dogs are man’s best friend. Without these furry balls our lives won’t be the same. Every dog owner tries to get their dog the best trinkets, to make them feel the most loved and happy. All of us try to keep our dogs entertained and happy in different ways. We’ve been trying with various toys, with cuddling, taking walks, playing together and some other things. In this video you can see Nika, the cutest Husky, solving a big problem. Nika’s owner made her happy with a new step-on water fountain. After watching this video you can see that this water fountain is also a great thing to keep your dog busy and entertained. Look at this hilarious video of a Husky trying to figure out how this step-on water fountain works.

Huskies are known as some of the most intelligent dogs and because of this none of us expected that this water fountain is going to be a problem for this doggo.
But what's the problem? Has someone showed this Husky how to use the fountain? Probably not. So, it is not her fault that she didn’t know how to use it. At least, she is trying. It’s a fact that Huskies are one of the most stubborn dogs and maybe that’s the reason why this puppy is not giving up. This may look funny to us but we can see that after a few attempts Nika is getting frustrated. Of course she is frustrated, she can’t get her refreshment. It looks so easy, all this puppy needs to do is to put her paw on the platform, press the platform and drink the water, but somehow she needs a lot of time to understand that. She's trying really hard, one paw after another, it looks like she’s dancing with her legs and playing with the platform. After few unsuccessful tries, she finally manages to drink water.

Huskies are high energy dogs, with great exploring skills and they often get bored without any activity. People say that they have skills like Houdini and that’s because they have natural instinct to roam and explore and there's nothing stopping them. These pups are known as escape artists because they love jumping over fences, digging under fences and slipping out of leashes. This water fountain is a great way for Nika to use up her energy and not be bored. Also, these Arctic dogs with fluffy coats, paws and ears need to drink a lot of water, because they are not used to warm weather. Huskies overheat easily so they shouldn’t do any hard activities on warm days.

If you are a dog lover, especially a husky lover, you should share this funny video with your friends. Also. you should think about buying a step-on water fountain for your dog. Your dog will be happy and entertained and you’ll have one less responsibility. We are sure that you don’t like changing the water bowl every 15 minutes. We hope you had fun watching the video.

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