Ten Biggest Cover-Ups Of The Twenty-First Century

Published August 29, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble / Entertainment LifeFrom bribery in order to host major sporting events to covering up medical malpractices, here are the 10 biggest cover-ups of the 21st Century.

All Time 10s make great videos where they put together lists of certain topics. They often give great historical facts to back up their lists and they are very entertaining. The best part of list videos is being surprised at all the things you didn’t think or didn’t know. This video is discusses the ten biggest cover-ups of 21st century. Cover-ups can be very interesting, to see what someone was trying to hide and how they got caught sounds very entertaining! Hopefully most of these will come as a surprise and you can learn new things!

Lots of cover-ups seem to be government-based so it is no surprise that the number 10 on this list happens to involve the Japanese government and Fukushima. An earthquake caused tsunami took out Fukushima power plant and people were evacuated. The Japanese government planned to open it up again even though it would not be that safe, it would be cost efficient.

Another covered scandal deals with the Volkswagen emissions. In 2015 it was found that VW cars used software to appear that emissions were low, but they actually weren’t. Apparently 11 million cars used this device and VW ended up having to pay around 25 billion dollars for the scandal! That is some serious money they had to shell out! I know everyone loves their phones and especially their Iphones but they were also involved in a cover-up scandal called Batterygate regarding their batteries.

Batterygate happened in 2017 when it was believed that Apple reduced the processor speed in their devices. This slowdown in their devices would make people put forth the extra money it costs to upgrade to the newest devices. Intentionally slowing down older products to make them dysfunctional so that people would buy their new products. This is a very shady business practice! Apple admitted to doing this, but quickly claimed they did it to preserve the battery life in older models, claiming that the new software update would wear out the battery much quicker so they used it as an excuse that they slowed it down in order to not completely destroy the battery. The company got hit with numerous lawsuits and the fact that they didn’t tell their customers about this slowdown didn’t have a good outcome. The largest lawsuit was 999 billion dollars in damages!

Some of the popular scandals you might recognize are the FIFA scandals where officials took bribes to choose the hosting nation of the World Cup such as Russia and Qatar. 14 officials were actually arrested and some have been banned for life! Even Lance Armstrong appeared on this list. Most likely you had one of his Livestrong arm bracelets in the mid 2000s. He was a dominant cyclist but was found to have been doping for his dominant years and was stripped of all titles!

Check out the rest of the video if you want to find out more scandals and cover-ups. This video is both very entertaining and educational. Definitely will hear about a lot of scandals you haven’t heard of and may also refresh your memory about some that you already knew.

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