Pilot Performs Awesome Take-Off Diving Off A Cliff

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Rumble / Extreme SportsWhen it comes to bush flying, there's no shortage of eye-catching videos circulating the Web. But we haven't seen anything quite like this. A side-by-side two-seat version is also in the works, but only for people who could stomach the ride. Check out the video of the aircraft cliff diving above, and decide for yourself.The nature surrounding the plane is amazing, there are mountains, a river and lots of trees. As a result pilots have to be extremely skilled at landing and taking off from whatever ground is available, whether that's a strip of green alongside a riverbank or a patch of mountain snow. If the landing strip isn’t long enough to take off, then pilots have to roll off a cliff,

The opening moment of the video as the plane takes off by rolling off a cliff looks terrifying. But pilots flying light sports aircrafts say that while that’s not exactly routine, it's a perfectly safe way to launch – and sometimes the only way. This type of sport is not unsafe at all, you just have to be prepared to commit. As we can see, the plane doesn’t need a long runway to take off because this is a cliff diving technique of flying. The aeroplane can just roll off the cliff with its pilot pushing forward and wait until he has enough speed, which is pretty cool! f the plane goes really slow, it can be scary though!

"Was flying in the mountains by my house and saw this legit cliff and thought it would be cool to fall off it in the cub so we did it. My buddy was with me when we took the video." - explains the pilot. He definitely makes the video worth watching and his unusual and brave hobby is one of the things that it deserves a our undivided attention. Though it may send us shivers down the spine, we hail his boldness.

It’s a next level type of taking-off and a one that makes our hearts skip a beat. We are terrified by the sight since it makes us think that the plane will actually gather up momentum and it will crash down to pieces. However, that is nowhere near to happen, one needs to be courageous enough to see the whole video and they will realize that there is nothing as dangerous as it may look at the beginning.

Whether you're completely new to aviation or are already an experienced pilot, light-sport aircraft and the corresponding sport pilot certificate make flying easier, more affordable, and more accessible - not to mention fun! Regardless of your experience, whether you’re a brand-new student or a seasoned aviator interested in transitioning to the world of light-sport aircraft, you need training.

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