Shocking footage shows 5-year-olds in ‘brutal’ Muay Thai fight

Newsflare Published August 28, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble Shocking footage shows two 5-year-olds fighting in a "brutal" Muay Thai match in Rop Mueang, Thailand, on August 16.

In the video, the two boys are seen fighting without head guards as they throw punches at each other.

It’s the referee job to watch them to ensure they’re safe during the bout.

Some viewers praised the boys' strength and technique, saying they would grow up to be ''excellent fighters.’'

“These two boys will be proud representatives of our nation,” Anuchit Chansompong said.

But others said they were too young to take part in a contact sport.

“This is so brutal,” Cherry Aomkuan said. “They are only children and can be seriously injured. They are not even old enough to have a proper choice.”

“They were hitting each other a lot but that is sport and they were safe,” said boxing trainer Yutapoom Kunseuk who filmed the video. “The boys were good friends after the match. They will have a very successful and lucrative career.”