Woman Surprised With Tattoo Message From Late Father

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Rumble This is the heartwarming moment a woman is left in tears by a surprise tattoo of a message ‘written’ by her late father.

Tracy Horton, who lives in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, went with her daughter Tiffany Sanford to get a new tattoo but on Tiffany’s request promised not to look while it was being done.

Little did she know, her daughter had been secretly planning the design with Chris Howton, of Cynical Tattoos, using notes written by Tracy’s late father David Horton.

David, who passed away 15 years ago, used to tell Tracy ‘I love you, Shug’ and using letters he had written were able to replicate his handwriting for the tattoo of the saying.

Tiffany, a professional photographer who runs her business ‘Photography by Tiffany Brooke’, wanted to make sure her mom’s reaction was caught on camera after the tattoo was finished.

As Tracy looks to her arm, she immediately recognizes the design and is overwhelmed with emotion, thanking Tiffany and tattoo artist Chris as tears run down her face.


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