Blind Dog Has Adorable Golden Retriever As Seeing-Eye Guide

Newsflare Published August 23, 2018 4,063 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDo you think dogs are man's best friend? Probably yes! The truth is that many people consider that the dog is the best friend of man, for that reason many people have one or more dogs as a pet and they make sure that all dogs get along well and take care of each other. People say that dogs are very capable animals to create and maintain a friendship, regardless of whether this friendship comes from a person or from other dogs, and in this case, this video shows completely that a dog can become the best friend of Another dog. It's the most adorable thing you'll see today!

In the Philippines, a cocker spaniel dog named Kimchi presents a severe case of blindness, which makes him the only dog in the Philippines to have his own guide dog responsible for his eyes, the guide dog is a Golden Retriever named Ginger. Kimchi was found on the streets of the Philippines and was adopted by a family of good people who love animals, especially dogs, for that reason, this family currently owns Kimchi and Ginger. This family is magnificent!

The video was captured on August 15 and you can see Kimchi and Ginger walking in a shopping mall near Manilla, you can easily see that a very special bond has developed between Kimchi and Ginger, since both are extremely happy to walk and be together. The person who recorded the video said that the unique duo is often invited to provide emotional support to stressed students and company employees. The love of Ginger and Kimchi has no limits!

Cocker Spaniel and Golden Retriever dogs are extremely intelligent, adorable dogs and very full of energy. These dogs love being in a family environment where there is a lot of love and hugs, since they are dogs that feel very satisfied when they play with people. It can be said that Cocker Spaniel and Golden Retrievers dogs are very capable of maintaining a friendship and working as a team, no matter where that friendship comes from, since the most important thing is to be happy and make everyone happy.

Some studies indicate that many people around the world have taken on the task of adopting and caring for dogs, since they consider that all dogs in the world have the right to a home and a family, personally I believe that these people are right. Often, many people abandon their dogs in the street and that is not correct, because like people, dogs can also present cases of depression, blindness and malnutrition, so it is very important that we always take into account the idea to help all dogs. I believe that families that adopt dogs are a great example to follow, since not all people have the courage to take this initiative. Friendship can come from where you least expect it!

Do you think that all dogs deserve a home and a family? Do you consider that dogs are capable of maintaining a friendship? Have you ever seen a case similar to this one? Do not forget to answer these questions, it is very important for us!