Bystanders Dive Into Dock To Rescue Elderly Woman, Son And Dog From Sinking Truck

Caters_NewsPublished: August 21, 201821 views
Published: August 21, 2018

Have you ever witnessed any acts of heroism while going about your day? When something tragic or scary or crazy happens, it is always inspiring to see bystanders and civilians doing courageous things to help someone in need. In this video we have a vehicle that ran right into a dock and the innocent bystanders dove in to help the people in the sinking vehicle. Lifeguards were there as well to help these people out and thankfully, they got them out safely. The people in the vehicle were definitely very fortunate because of the selfless act of those willing to help. A big thank you to all those bystanders and lifeguards for helping those in need! It’s Great to see the heroic acts of these people.

The unfortunate event with a happy ending happened at Alamitos Bay in Long Beach, California, and is being recorded and documented by Jeff Jones who is actually a licensed 100 ton captain. This means he can operate charter boats and passenger vessels, so he knows his way around the water. When he is filming, the truck is already in the water, so he gives a little walk-through of what exactly happened. He claims he came down to work and while he was there a car sped down the parking lot. It eventually crashed into the railing that overlooks the water and flew off into it. He claims it was a horrific sound as it flew through the parking lot and crashed into the gate. He shows the gate and how completely destroyed it is. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured from the unfortunate event.

As he shows the truck in the water, there are lifeguards and a boat present helping an elderly woman out of the passenger seat. Civilians are watching from the railing as they lift the lady out of the sinking truck through the window. Our filmer, Jeff, seems to know some of these lifeguards as he cheers them on by name. As some lifeguards help with the lady others go to rescue the man and his dog in the driver's seat. Jeff pans around and is able to get a good shot of the man holding the small dog out of his window so the lifeguards can take the dog to safety.

The lifeguards then work on to take the man out who is apparently the elderly woman’s son. A problem arises when the car starts to sink more, the water pushes the window up. This could be very bad as it will trap the man in with water. The lifeguard holds the window down to prevent it from rolling up. Jeff even shows off the big hammer they have just in case the window needs to be broken! Fortunately, they were able to get the man and out and no one was seriously injured. They are going to put floats on the car to make it rise. Everyone is safe and citizens and lifeguards were there to save these people’s lives. Especially considering their age and the small dog, these people could have been in a lot of trouble. All's well that ends well!

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