Hundreds of Wildfires Rage Across British Columbia

StoryfulWeather Published August 16, 2018 75 Plays

Rumble / Trending NewsThe 170,000-acre Shovel Fire was but one of hundreds of wildfires burning across British Columbia on Thursday, August 16, as fire crews worked to protect communities near Fraser Lake. These videos were shot on August 14 and 15 from near the western shore of Fraser Lake, in and around the Stellat’en First Nation. Evacuation orders have reached the north shore of the lake, and heavy smoke frequently drops over the area. More than 940,000 acres have burned so far by 559 fires in the western Canadian province. Forty-eight of those fires are considered “fires of note,” meaning they are especially visible or pose a threat to public safety. The Shovel Fire is a fire of note. The first video was shot on Thursday from the lake’s southern shore. Credit: Janelle Lapointe via Storyful