Good samaritan rescues bird from certain death

Newsflare Published August 15, 2018 1 Plays

Rumble / Everyday HeroesA good-hearted woman rescued a wounded little bird from the claws of an angry magpie and took it home to recover.

The footage shows the woman treating the wounds on the bird’s beak and feeding it with a syringe.

The filmer said: ‘’I heard some birds screaming outside my window so I went to investigate, that's when I found this little bird in the claws of a magpie. She was plucking him with her beak so I went out quickly and got him.

‘’I gave him some sugar water for energy with a syringe. I let him rest in a shoe box. after a couple of hours he got up and started looking around. ‘’

The health of the bird improved with the little one exploring his rescuer’s home.

The filmer adds: ‘’I tried feeding him but it didn't work so I contacted an animal rescue and they asked me to bring him the next day.

‘’He spent the night resting in the box and in the morning he was feeling much better, started trying to fly around, the inflammation in his eyes went down quite a bit.''

The bird is currently being taken care in the animal rescue until he gets stronger and becomes able to fly.