Wild bat has been returning to the same house for 12 years

NewsflarePublished: August 14, 2018
Published: August 14, 2018

This wild bat has been returning to the same house for the last 12 years - earning himself the nickname Dracula.

The nocturnal creature - which bears a sinister resemblance to the iconic Bram Stoker villain - first appeared in their front garden in 2006.

They left small pieces of fruit out for the bat and it continued to return each night.

Homeowner Reno Maratas, 50, even put up a small piece of wire and hanging food baskets at their home in Davao province.

The bat goes hunting each night then returns every morning to sleep upside down with his wings wrapped around his body.

Reno said: ''We did not put a leash on the bat. It leaves during the night, but comes back to sleep during the day.

''It has been doing this for 12 years. He is very loyal. I don't know if all bats are like this. There is something he likes about this area.

''When the bat's sleeping he looks like Dracula, so that is what he have nicknamed him.''

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