Top 10 Everyday Things You Didn’t Realize Were Making You Smarter

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Published: August 12, 2018

You don’t necessarily have to crack open a book to improve your intellect. From dancing, to exercise, to music, these enjoyable moments can actually increase your IQ! WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Things You Didn't Know Could Make You Smarter.

Ever wondered if it was possible to get smarter without all the reading, math problems, and studying? Well, luckily WatchMojo has us covered! Another of WatchMojo’s lists are here to educate us on things that will definitely surprise us. This time, their Top 10 list covers the “Top 10 Everyday Things You Didn’t Realize Were Making You Smarter.”

We are all in for anything to get smarter without reading so we are very interested in seeing what the list has to offer. We are expecting some very surprising answers that we never thought would lead to becoming smarter.

There are definitely some interesting ways to become smarter that make an appearance on this list. People will definitely be excited about some of the choices, such as napping. Yes, napping, you can become smarter with naps. Next time someone calls you lazy, tell them you were exercising your brain! Naps actually help with revitalizing you and help with memory. Obviously, the time of the nap is key because too long or too short and you won’t feel the maximum revitalization. It is best to awaken from a nap before you are in deep sleep otherwise you will wake up feeling groggy and more tired than before. Just choose your nap times carefully!

Another one that will get people excited is playing video games. They can actually work your brain quite a bit. Video games can help with your memory, problem-solving skills, and yes even your social skills. Think about all the times playing video games where maybe there was a tough puzzle you had to solve, it is basically like a math problem disguised in good graphics, a nice story, or great character interaction. Or if you participate in online games, you probably don’t realize how many different people you come across and have to work with to complete an objective. This communication obviously helps in problem-solving, interacting with other humans, and how you cooperate and work in a team environment. These are all useful skills in everyday life.
By far the most surprising way to become smarter on this is list is from chewing gum. Who would have thought that chewing your favorite gum can actually help out your brain? This is a big moment for all gum chewers, keep on chewing! The effects don’t last after you throw out your piece of gum, so make sure to get all you can out of that piece!

To find out more about the interesting ways to become smarter, definitely check out the rest of the video. WatchMojo always does a great job creating their lists and they always make them fun and enjoyable to watch. We would recommend this video to all people who love learning obscure facts and anyone who loves listening to these list videos. We will definitely have to try out some of these methods, and some of them we already do, we just didn’t know how helpful they actually are. We advise all watchers to create a list of their own before watching to see how it compares to the WatchMojo list!

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