Gale force winds cause building to make ghostly sounds

NewsflarePublished: August 10, 2018Updated: August 11, 2018
Published: August 10, 2018Updated: August 11, 2018

Gale force winds have given this building a musical – albeit spooky – tone.

The filmer, Emily Whalen, was sitting in a car park watching the adverse weather roll into Tempe, Arizona.

She initially thought that the eerie sound was coming from the trees, but soon realized it was the building adjacent.

Arizona has recently been hit with a large dust storm and is on high alert for risk of flooding due to the adverse weather.

Emily said: "The building is covered in these metal flaps on the side of the building facing the street.

"It's a really unique design for a building. The multiple metal flaps can be opened and closed."

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