Mom Gifts Daughter With Puppy After Previous Dog Passed Away

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Published: August 10, 2018

A very moving video was recently posted that truly displays the importance of our family pets. A little girl named Izzy was so despondent over the recent loss of her 7-year-old Yorkie dog Tink, that her mom decided to do something to ease her daughter's overwhelming sadness. In the video, the family appears to be returning to their home after an outing. The mom and the little girl Izzy and her younger brother walk into the living room area just like they have on any other day. As Izzy walks into the room carrying a bag of treats she just happens to glance down at the floor. Sitting in a small dog bed is an adorable and tiny little puppy.

The young girl Izzy is totally overwhelmed with emotions that are a mix of sadness and loss for her deceased pet, as well as surprise at seeing this cute new puppy. The mother begins to cry as well and comforts her daughter saying "It's ok" The little girl can't believe what she is seeing. She slowly kneels down and cradles the sweet pup in her arms as tears of joy filled her eyes. The healing has now begun. Over time, this little puppy will gradually fill the void left by the previous beloved pet named Tink.

This scene has surely played out in many homes over the years. A child loses a much-loved pet and the parent tries to soften that loss by bringing another animal into the fold. Every pet is totally unique. They have their own individual personality traits, coloring, and behaviors. They can never be fully duplicated, but you will certainly love the next pet just as much as you did the first. They too will become“family” and hold a special place in your heart.

Pets serve such an important role in our lives. They teach us so much and you benefit from them no matter what your age. Our animals teach our children all about love, responsibility and finally loss. Most young children don't have a real concept of death and the loss of a pet can give this more meaning and help them comprehend. Our animals comfort us when we are sad and feeling isolated and they celebrate our joy when we are happy. Imagine the widower who sits alone in their apartment with nothing but a cat to keep them company. That pet can be such a blessing to people who are without family or friends. In some cases, it gives them a reason to keep on going. It creates a sense of purpose knowing that they are responsible for someone other than themselves.

We really can't underestimate the life lessons learned by owning a well-loved pet. Someday when this young girl in the video is a mother herself, she will remember the happiness that pet ownership brought to her own life and she will likely want her own children to experience the same thing. If you were moved by this very touching video please do share it with your friends on social media and feel free to leave any relevant comments below.

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