Girl’s *epic* Pre-Game Dance Routine

Published August 9, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble Volleyball is such an amazing sport! However, much like any other sport, competing in volleyball is not immune to failures. And that exactly what this funny clip is all about! If you are a fan of this awesome sport, you should definitely check out this video. As the clip starts, you can see a group of young girls wearing matching volleyball jerseys. You can tell that they are all a part of the same team. The girls are probably waiting for their match to start, and while they are doing so, they are trying to entertain themselves. One of the girls, in particular, is having the best time dancing like nobody's watching. Little did she know that someone was filming her little dance routine! She even got caught on camera as a ball suddenly hit her. This is the funniest combination of volleyball and dancing that I have ever seen! Too funny to handle!