Puppy Pals Have Very Different Attitudes About Swimming

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWe all know that person who tries to persuade their friends into sometimes questionable situations. This dog certainly does. Going for a swim on a warm summer day can be a great way to relax and cool off, especially when you have a friend to share the fun with. That is unless you are a dog and you are terrified of water.

Upon seeing that her friend Moe does not wish to enter the water, Belle takes matters into her own hands. We see her dragging Moe by his leash hoping that he would give in and join the fun of splashing in the water. Moe, on the other hand, seems to have other plans, as he is seen trying to pull himself away from his persuasive friend and return to the land where he will feel safe and dry. Belle, however, does not give up easily and desperately pulls the leash trying to show her friend that there is no danger in the water, only fun. Nonetheless, after many failed attempts to lure Moe, she finally succumbs to his wishes and together they return to their loving owners.

This short but adorable video showcases the different personalities, along with interests and fears, that dogs may possess. It is known that some pets, particularly cats and dogs, have a fear of water ranging anywhere from slight fright to completely refusing to even take a harmless bath. Some may possess a fear of water, while others may not be suited for it due to their shape and size which can make swimming a rather difficult and tiresome activity. However, many dogs are also fond of water and enjoy not only taking baths but going for a swim as well. Some will jump in, splash, swim or play fetch in the water, while others will feel intimidated and will avoid it at all cost. Although this fear is more common with certain dog breeds, namely smaller ones, it still varies from dog to dog.

As seen in the video, Belle seems quite relaxed in the water, enjoying the cooling effects it has and all the potential fun it offers. Moe, however, feels uncomfortable in the water and would rather spend his day playing, running around or even sunbathing in the comforts of the dry beach. And while there is nothing wrong with that, those types of dogs can get used to water and even develop a love for it. Some dogs may need a supportive life vest which will ensure safety and comfort while others will need patience and support from their owners as they slowly overcome their fears. Seeing their owners or even other dogs in water may encourage them to approach or enter it. Treats or lots of pets may also help. However, there is still no guarantee. While some will learn to enjoy the water, others will always approach it with caution, just as the beautiful dog in this video. Maybe he will eventually join in the fun with his friend Belle, but for now he can enjoy his safe and relaxing walks on the beach.


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