Little Girl Brings Lunch To Lifeguard On Duty

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Rumble Random acts of kindness are actually not so random at all. They are pretty much conscious attempts to make another person's day better by doing something nice, good, and showing your concern for their well-being. Showing kindness is a way to make others see that they can count on you, and even when all the conditions are not met, and even in periods of strife and adversity you stand tall, next you another person and convey the message that we are all in this together, that you will stand for good.

Originally, the concept is related to Anna Herbert, who once wrote messages on restaurant napkins: "Practice random acts of kindness and insane acts of beauty." This idea was the impetus for the organization of celebrations and various events around the world, as well as a general call to action for the sake of universal good. And you do not need to wait for someone else to start a day or a week of random good deeds, you can join the game at any suitable time!

In doing good deeds, you help create communities of good that value the nobility of spirit and kindness towards other people as an integral part of a healthy society. Here is how even a little toddler can change someone's world even for a brief second by encouraging others around her with her good deed. Watch the video at the top of the page.

A six-year-old has been filmed marching out onto a wind and rain lashed beach to give a lifeguard some lunch.

Adorable Regan Liddell spotted the lifeguard from the window of her hotel while holidaying in Ocean City, MD, USA, with her mom Kristen and dad Gregory.

Feeling sorry for the man sat on an exposed lookout post with little protection from the harsh elements, little Regan went to the kitchen of the families holiday condo and knocked up a sandwich.

And after talking her mom into walking with her down to the beach, she hand delivered it to the unsuspecting - but happy - lifeguard.

Here is yet another example. This restaurant manager feeds homeless man rather than giving him the boot.

A kindhearted fast food restaurant manager has chosen to befriend and feed a homeless man rather than move him along – much to the approval of the scores of people who since witnessed footage of the loving moment. Christopher James, 32, captured the footage as restaurant manager Meredith kneeled down, eye-to-eye with the gentleman, before shaking his hand and providing him with a complimentary meal and drink.

With the homeless man setting up to sell CD’s outside her store and a line of cars in the drive-through, the Chick-Fil-A restaurant manager took the time to show compassion. The manageress in Campbell Lane, Bowling Green, Kentucky, could have called police or got a security guard to move him along. She could have just ignored him and got on with her day.

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