Patient Kitty Enjoys Story Time With His Favourite Human

StoryfulPublished: August 9, 201829 views
Published: August 9, 2018

This is a very cute, heartwarming video. If you love videos of young children interacting with their pets, you’ll love this. I mean who doesn’t get a little teary eyed seeing a young girl read her book to her kitty. The young girl in the video, Abby, was recorded by her mother as she attempts to put her cat to sleep by reading it a story. Bailey, the family cat, can be seen dozing off in Abby’s lap as she read through line after line of her story. The cute orange cat with her twitcher ears sits comfortably as she prepares for some sweet dreams.

How cute is it seeing kids interact with their cats? It’s always so nice to see how our pets react so innocently with young kids and act as a sort of protector for them. This time it’s the opposite relationship. Instead of the pet being the guardian, Abby is acting like the mother of Bailey the cat. Lulling the cat to sleep as you see her eyelids drooping and looking heavy. She even came with her blanket ready to get cozy. Some parts of the video you can see Abby rubbing her chin on the cats head as to comfort her and it looks like she is saying words directly into the cat's ear. Definitely really loves Bailey and loves reading her some stories.

Bailey is ready for naptime!

It helps that our young ready seems to be experienced way beyond her years. She looks over to her mom as if to make sure she is recording and the camera doesn’t get to her at all. No camera shyness she is definitely ready to read for an audience. With her very fluent reading, her emphasis on words, and her vocal tones that change for certain words, you can tell this isn’t her first time reading a bedtime story. She even throws in various hand movements and motions, definitely a seasoned reader. You can’t blame Bailey for wanting to snooze, I found myself ready for a nice delightful nap after watching!

One of the cutest parts of the video is while reading, you can sometimes hear a little voice in the background. It seems to be that Abby’s younger brother or sister is repeating the words they hear Abby say. They must be no stranger to Abby’s storytime either. Another cute part is seeing Bailey doze off one second I really enjoyed this video and I have a feeling so will any pet lover. Videos like these can be so short but bring a much-needed smile to your day. The video is only about two minutes and if you have two minutes to spare, it is a definite watch. As a watcher, I would like to give a big thank you to Abby’s mom for recording this precious moment. You can tell this is probably something she sees often in her house, Abby babying her kitty, so this time she decided to get her phone out and share this moment with viewers.

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