Terrified deer struggles to climb up 40-foot well

NewsflarePublished: August 9, 2018
Published: August 9, 2018

This was the moment a terrified deer tried to climb out of a well but kept falling back.

Five men got down the well but struggled to restrain the highly agitated animal, before rescuing it.

The incident occurred at a village near Chintamani in South India on July 31.

The deer had entered the village with its herd to find fodder. It was chased by a pack of dogs and fell into a 40-feet dry well in an agricultural farm while fleeing.

The owner of the farm, Zia Rahman, spotted the deer in his well and informed local forest officials, who rushed to the spot and started the rescue work with the help of local villagers.

A local resident K Murugendra, 42, said: “The deer was stressed and scared of the men, who had gone down to bring it up. It tried to run up on its own but kept slipping back as the wall of the well was very steep. Many steps were also missing.”

“It fell down a few times and was lucky not to get hurt as the bottom of the well was covered with soft mud and undergrowth,” he added.

Five men, who had gone down to rescue the animal, managed to grab its legs and tie it up with ropes and clothes.

The deer was then hauled up and taken away by forest officials led by Assistant conservator Jaya Chandra.

They got the deer treated for minor injuries and released it near its herd, which was grazing at a nearby forest.

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