Pony’s Glorious Mane Flaps As He Enjoys A Cool Blast From The Fan

NewsflarePublished: August 8, 2018Updated: August 9, 201812 views
Published: August 8, 2018Updated: August 9, 2018

This just in, it's August, (unless you already knew that, because we're already about halfway through...) which means it's summer in America, and American summers are hot! Whatever you plan on doing, it's important to make sure you don't melt down or get sunburns, because a summer with heat strokes and burns is a total bummer. Though, we hardly ever need to give a thought to the methods we use to keep cool under a blazing sun. Eating ice cream and popsicles, going for a swim, and sitting under the A/C or fan are a few of the common ways we keep ourselves from burning up. But what about animals, how do they find relief from the harsh summer rays? It's not like they have freezer treats we humans do, nor can they just go for a swim; well, maybe wild animals can take a dip in nearby water sources, but not so much for farm animals. With the exception of a muddy pig, relief for farm animals is seemingly nonexistent. That's until Petey the Pony decides he's had enough.

On August 6, 2018, a filmmaker captures a video that deserves to go viral! In the video is a small pony named Petey, who has brown skin and long, luxurious blonde mane to complement it. A resident of the Forever Safe Farm located in Salem, Ohio, Petey has decided that his undeserved sentence in the blazing summer heat MUST come to an end. The filmmaker and someone else accompanying him say they stumbled upon Petey in the barn that day, and caught him doing something absolutely hilarious. Perhaps Petey was fed up with not getting the same treatment as his owners, We mean, wouldn't you be jealous if someone got to cool off with ice cream instead of you? Where's the justice in that? Surely ponies deserve something more than the hay and plain water they get everyday, and Petey couldn't agree more. So he knocked down a fan, and like a pro fashionista, stood over the breeze, letting his long locks of mane fly up towards the sky. Can you imagine how sassy Petey would be if he could talk? Maybe he would have already had ordered for ice cream to be made for horses, or better yet freedom from having to live in such a hot barn.

Not only does Petey's knocking-down-the-fan stunt prove how desperately hot he was, it also demonstrates how intelligent horses really are and why they should be treated with greater care. While we can't speak for Petey's living conditions except that it was unreasonably hot, there are many stables across America that don't give horses adequate coolness during the summer. Perhaps Petey's noble acts in this video can somehow, in a subtle way, raise awareness to those who raise and own horses. Or maybe he'll have just inspired other horses to knock over fans and let their sassy manes flow with the cool breeze; maybe we'll get a horse model for the next shampoo commercial we see on television, it could happen!

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