Moose Takes A Careless And Casual Stroll Down Alaskan Road

StoryfulPublished: August 8, 2018Updated: August 9, 201814 views
Published: August 8, 2018Updated: August 9, 2018

Alaskan resident Robert Farris captured video of a moose casually walking down a road in Anchorage on August 6. The animal can be seen taking a stroll in the middle of the street on a grassy lane divider as drivers look on. At one point, another driver reverses to get a closer look at the moose, who seems unfazed by the attention and continues down the road. Credit: Robert Farris via Storyful

If we are talking about distractions on the road, then this one is the most adorable distraction you will ever see and it’s not a rabbit, nor a dog, it’s not a cow nor a goat. But it’s a gorgeous moose who walks slowly down the grass lane like it is the king of the road. With an air of importance and nonchalantly cute walk, one cannot just stay ignorant to the sight of the royal moose. With his big antlers and his erected body, he acts like a real gentleman. He doesn’t take notice of the cars and he just minds his way. He probably has a predetermined walk and moves with a purpose. Or he just maybe wants to show off and he has a total reason for that. We can’t have enough of the video and we replayed it many times.

The both drivers are amazed by what they see and one of them - the one driving in the opposite lane - even goes in reverse to have a better look at this magnificent sight. The other driver who is with his daughter in the car has a breathtaking reaction with “wows” and “ohs” and we can totally understand him. This moose is a real traffic-stopper. He is probably the biggest pedestrian we have ever seen. He is as big as he is majestic and the stopping drivers are a proof of that. They can’t do nothing more but admire him as long as the road conditions allow them.

“I was picking up my daughter when we came across the moose wandering in the street, so I decided to pull up next to the big fella and let the world basque in his awe,” said Farris. Although trying to catch the beast’s attention, not to mention calling it “dude,” is questionable, it’s nice that Farris didn’t attempt to get any closer – or worse, trying to touch or take a selfie with it. Moose are the second largest land animal in North America, behind only two species of bison. On average, they measure around 4.6 – 6.9 feet high at the shoulder. Although from the looks of the moose in the video, it appears to be much bigger than the average (just look how small the car looks right next to it!)

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