World’s First Giant Human Catapult Swing Is Here

ThrillistPublished: August 8, 201813 views
Published: August 8, 2018

Ever wondered what a human catapult would be like? Well you don’t have to wonder anymore, this is the world’s first giant human catapult. Perfect for any person trying to satisfy their itch for thrilling and daring excitement. It is actually called the Nevis Swing and it is located in Nevis Valley, New Zealand. If you love the adrenaline inducing activities such as skydiving and bungee jumping then this might be for you.

The station is hoisted in the middle of the Nevis Valley, and it looks like some sort of skybase. It is connected on one end of the valley and makes it seem that the base is floating. It acts as a sort of swing where you can imagine what it felt like when you were once a kid and your parents would swing you at the park. You would want them to pull you back as high as they could so when you were released you could obtain maximum speed. With this device you are hooked to what looks like a bungee cord and you are harnessed in and pulled all the way till it looks like you’re parallel with level of the ground. You would start at one end of the valley and finish at the other. The device is said to propel you almost 500 up and across the valley. Hopefully the riders are not scared of heights!

If you are not afraid of heights then this might be for you, but there is still one more thing to cover. How do you feel about speed? This is no paddle boat in the water. This catapult gets some serious speed. Apparently the giant swing can clock in at over 60 miles per hour. This is the speed of most cars while traveling on the highway! If you were to swing on the highway you would be able to momentarily keep up with the vehicle beside you. It travels those 500 feet in mere seconds and gives you a big rush while you’re speeding through the valley with wind against your face. Now that you are comfortable with the height and speed, then we think this is definitely the type of fun for you. What is even better is that if you have a friend or partner that is equally as thrilling, daring, and adrenaline-filled as you, then they have a sort of 2 seater harness where you can enjoy the giant catapult together. Perfect first date material!

This video will satisfy the urge of all those people out there that live for the rush and excitement of doing something daring. The video is definitely a great way to show off the fun of the device and it is also accompanied by some great music that just adds to the fun the people in the video seem to be having. How often do you get to say you were in some sort of sky base smack dab in the middle of a valley and got the chance to be harness into a big swing/catapult type device and ride across a valley? Not to mention the height and speed you will reach, perfect for those people seeking some fun!

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