Army Dog Chases His Own Tail Relentlessly While On Duty

NewsflarePublished: August 8, 2018374 views
Published: August 8, 2018

Army dogs are notorious for being tough working dogs determined to fight crime; however, they are still dogs are seen in this video, where the dog is too distracted from trying to catch his tail to catch bad guys. The handler looks very calm as the dog continuously spins around trying to catch his tail, hopefully, he will catch his tail soon and return to the important job of protecting the airport. The dog looks like he’s had enough of work for the day and ready for a break. How adorable!

The short video was captured on August fourth at the Jorge Chavez airport in Lima, Peru, shows the army dog which is a part of Peruvian security with his partner. Dogs at airports are highly trained to sniff out contraband and to deter criminal activity. The video was captured by a passenger named Valeria Cornejo who was awaiting a flight to New York, she said that it was the silliest army puppy she had ever seen. The dog looks happy chasing his tail over and over again, while his partner seems less than amused and still standing guard at work.

Dogs have a long history of working with people. In ancient times they were used by empires such as the Romans, Egyptians, and the Greeks for their ability in warfare. In modern times dogs are trained to be able to detect narcotics and explosives, in addition to being able to chase down bad guys if necessary. Due to their excellent sense of smell and tracking abilities, military dogs can be trained in order to detect contraband despite concealment efforts and even in small trace amounts. They can even detect contraband from across the airport or if the item is highly hidden. Normally dogs are very serious on the job and follow their partner’s instructions closely. In everyday military work, dogs have proven to be loyal officers, excellent at detecting contraband, and able to assist police in operations. The dog in the video is probably highly trained and ready to find contraband despite his friendly playful demeanor.

While army dogs are known for their hardworking and highly trained attitude, this working dog is ready for a break to chase his tail. Perhaps he’s demonstrating his bad guy chasing skills by showing off his tail chasing skills! The army dog was very intent on catching his tail, he probably puts the same effort into his work catching bad guys. While his partner is still looking sharp and standing at attention, the army dog has worked a hard day and is ready for a break. While the dog has an important job of protecting the airport, dogs will still be dogs and still chase their tails.

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