Motorist sees red after cutting off driver at lights

Newsflare Published August 8, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble / Dash Cam FootageA motorist saw red and drove dangerously after cutting off a family at traffic lights in Oldham.

Footage captured on July 20 on Park Road in the city show a black VW attempting to merge despite being in the wrong lane after setting off from a four-way stop.

The camera car honks his horn and continues up the hill – but the VW continues to tailgate the vehicle, flashing his lights and honking its horn.

After an attempted undertake, the VW then drives along the opposite lane before stopping at the next set of traffic lights.

The driver can be heard banging the drivers-side window.

Two men race along the road towards the two cars, but it is unclear whether they are bystanders or travelling with the VW.

The camera car driver says he was unimpressed with the police's response, who allegedly did not want to look at the footage.

He said: "Come to Oldham and drive how you feel as the police aren't interested."