Firenado Spins Into Air During Blaze At UK Plastic Pallet Factory

NewsflarePublished: August 8, 201813 views
Published: August 8, 2018

Every now and then somebody produces truly spectacular video footage. Sure, we all love those cute animal and baby videos, but the awesome power of natural forces rivets us to the screen. What could be more compelling than when one unstoppable force of nature, the tornado, mates with another unstoppable force of nature - fire? It’s like two super villains from a comic book conspiring to take down Superman. This looks unstoppable, but maybe it has a weakness the fire department can leverage.

Amazing footage shows a firenado spinning into the air during a blaze at a plastic pallet factory.

According to local media, the fire took place at Ravensbourn Plastics Ltd. on Occupation Lane, in Swadlincote, Derbyshire.

The toxic gasses emanating from the fire must be deadly at close range. The fire is, after all, consuming a plastic pallet factory, which, according to local media, the fire took place at Ravensbourn Plastics Ltd on Occupation Lane, in Swadlincote, Derbyshire. The faithful may have dropped to their knees that day and prayed for mercy. The scene is truly of Biblical proportions.

According to the Derby Telegraph, the fire had been successfully extinguished by 7:10 p.m. It required 10 fire engines, and fire crews from Derbyshire, Leicestershire, and Staffordshire to contain the blaze. A volume of 100 meters by 100 meters of plastic pallets fed the inferno. Aerial views of the conflagration look like Hell spewing forth from the very earth.

The fearsome firenado (a portmanteau of “fire” and “tornado”) is formed by the positive feedback loop of fire heating air, which turns into wind, which feeds oxygen to the fire, which heats the air, etc. The only thing that can stop it is to either run out of fuel (and plastic is a concentrated fuel source for fire or water. Water may not work as well in the case of a plastic fire, because a plastic fire is, in the end, a form of petroleum fire. Dry fire resistant chemicals or non-flammable gasses like carbon dioxide can be applied as a separating layer between the oxygen and the fuel source. For as powerful as the fire is - and make no mistake, it is powerful - intelligence is more powerful still. Knowledge what makes a fire burn will ultimately quench it.

Still, fires are notoriously superior in their ability to persist and destroy what we build. Look at the current wildfires raging in California, and what actually takes place every year. These happen every summer, and can actually rage for weeks before succumbing to our efforts. In terms of natural enemies of life, fire is perhaps the most final. Earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, and tornadoes are devastating, to be sure, but fire is unforgiving. Everything in its path will be killed. Even if the actual flames don’t touch you, the heat will.

In any case, the video is an awesome watch, and we can take consolation in the situation where spectators and wildlife were far enough away to enjoy the fantastic pyro display without being harmed. Like storm and tornado chasers, the amateur videographer meets with serendipitous opportunity to produce entertaining several minutes. This level of entertainment doesn’t come without great cost, always on property, as this fire was, and too often in human lives.

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