'It actually works!' Man shocked after trying colour blind glasses for first time

NewsflarePublished: August 8, 2018
Published: August 8, 2018

Ronnie Lott has suffered from colour blindness for his whole life and was finally given the chance to real colours with the help of Enchroma glasses.

In the clip, filmed in New York on July 18, Lott is trying out the glasses and showing his reaction to seeing the colour red for the first time.

”Oh my god! I can actually see it! It’s actually different, that’s so cool!” Lott says in the video.

He later wrote online: "Imagine never seeing a true rainbow or the beautiful autumn leaves. This video is the very first moment I was able to distinguish red/green and blue/purple. Ever since this day, I have been living life with an all-new perspective; seeing my first true sunset, looking at candy for the first time and seeing it’s true colour, and even matching my own clothes! It has been life changing seeing colours for the first time!"

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