Rescued Sloth Bear Cools Off in India With a Fun Swim

StoryfulNews Published August 7, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsA sloth bear is beating the heat by enjoying a swim in a special pool at the International Animal Rescue (IAR) sanctuary in Agra, India. The IAR shared footage of rescue bear Mowgli taking a dip in a special enrichment pool in his habitat at the Agra sanctuary. “Imagine how hot it must be to have all that fur in the Indian sun,” the post said, “Thankfully for rescued bear Mowgli, he has access to a special enrichment pool to keep him cool and mentally stimulated!” The bear can be seen splashing and tossing around toys in the water. According to the IAR, the bear was rescued when he was found after being electrocuted by poachers, hanging on to his mother’s body but has continued to make progress. As of writing, the footage has over 3,000 views on Facebook. Credit: International Animal Rescue via Storyful