An adorable circus as tiny flying possums train on an obstacle course

NewsflarePublished: August 7, 2018
Published: August 7, 2018

At her home in Kuala Lumpur Maya Spozie has trained these little flying possums, properly known as sugar gliders, to play and train on an obstacle course she built.

Every evening at around 6pm, her tiny subjects are led along a plank, over wires and through tunnels to complete their course. This video was taken in June 2017, but she has kept training her gliders on the same course since.

She now has 24 at home, with three more on the way. Some are rescued.

She has pointed out: "They are very clever animals, but to get this level - to make them listen to you - you have to make sure you are the one they trust, then they will listen to you."

"It's not about giving them treats like other animals when you train them, it's about how you interact with them. Don't forget they are colony animals, so if you are part of them, you are their family."

Her training has caught some attention however, as Spozie claims: "I've been invited to 'France's Got Talent' and 'America's Got Talent', but unfortunately it's not very convenient to travel with Gliders."

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