Hard Working Teacher Can’t Hold Back Tears After She Receives Brand New Car

USATODAY_Humankind Published August 7, 2018 172,996 Plays

Rumble We all had that kind of a teacher who wasn’t teaching us just for the paycheck but she did the best she could to make us learn new things and to become better people because of her. She was one of those teachers who wanted to make sure that we were doing well, that we didn’t have unnecessary worries and even if we had, she was always there with us. Such teachers are gold, they are rare to find, hard to forget and easy to love and respect. Part of who we have become lies within the fact that this teacher always showed us the right path, no matter how wayward we behaved and acted. She was always patient, understanding and open-minded, never judged anybody and treated all children equally. That is a type of a teacher that you will remember your whole life and you will cherish her forever!

This video is exactly about the type of a teacher we described above and judging by the present she gets, she must have a heart of gold. A mother of one of her students decided that it is high time her daughter’s teacher to get something she really needed and totally deserved it. Something that it is difficult to imagine living our modern lives without because it is a sheer necessity. We have heard that teachers receive all kinds of presents, from original perfumes to kitchen utensils, from pashmina scarves to beautiful flowers, but present so pricey we could have only watched it at cinema.

You will never guess what it is, and we will not taunt you anymore, it’s simple as it sounds - a brand new car! Yes, you have properly heard, a completely new vehicle for her to come to work without the pressure and fear of being late for work! Who is doing that nowadays? Apparently these very generous parents. When Courtney Adeleye and her husband found out that their daughter’s teacher took the bus every single day to get to work, Adeleye knew she had to do something about it.

“When my husband had mentioned her and her situation, it was like something just kind, came over me,” Adeleye said. With teaching being a job that requires dedication to students’ emotions, talents and success, Adeleye recognized this dire need for this teacher’s transportation, as well as her extreme patience and dedication to getting to work. In a video captured by her 11-year-old daughter, Adeleye and her family met up with her daughter’s teacher, prepping her for the glorious gift she was about to receive. Courtney has never surprised anyone with a gift so big. But she knew no one deserved it than her daughter’s school teacher.

“He said you were actually catching a bus to come to work, and I don’t know, I just felt a little compelled to do something, and we wanted to gift you with something”.

“Gift me with… Oh my Gosh, gift me with what?”
“You want to come outside?”
“You are kidding, right? Like you are really kidding… Are you serious? Oh my Gosh I don’t even know what to say. I have to not believe this” - says the sobbing teacher. She has to rub her eyes to believe it.

Amanda had been catching a multiple buses over several hours to get to work. This family decided to surprise her with a gift that would change her commute and her life. Her reaction is one of disbelief and tears full of joy and gratitude for this noble act. Go for it, woman, you totally deserved it. We wish you a pleasant ride!