Blind Rescue Hedgehog Dances Under Sprinkler In Hot Weather

NewsflarePublished: August 7, 201823 views
Published: August 7, 2018

This rescue hedgehog loves using garden sprinklers to cool off in the hot weather. Sacha the hedgehog lives in Jane Milton's garden in Harrow, London, and is well looked after by her owner. "She stays in my garden where there are two purpose-built houses and she can live in either - she mainly sleeps outdoor under plants in the summer and hibernates from around October 1 to April 1," says Jane. Sacha is blind after being attacked by an unknown animal, meaning the summer months can be quite stressful for her.

Jane adds: "She has been unsettled by the heat so I have been making sure she is in the shade as much as I can – as she is blind she is often out during the day which of course she should not be. "She leans slightly to one side and so often spins around - but if I feel it is getting too much I divert her with food or pick her up and move her." in the heatwave, this hedgehog can’t seem to resist frolicking under a garden sprinkler in the early hours of yet another warm day. With temperatures so high, Sacha has certainly the right idea. Though she might have lived a traumatic life, now she is safe and sound under the roof of her rescuer and she is being looked after well.

The adorable footage captures a blind hedgehog running in circles underneath a sprinkler – hoping to cool down during the blistering heat. The prickly mammal is filmed thoroughly enjoying herself while cooling down during an impromptu shower under a sprinkler. Though she looks unsettled, it is more than obvious that she enjoys being in water. The tiny hog scurries back and forth underneath the sprinkler while we are bemused with her. It is unusual for a hedgehog to be out in daylight since they are nocturnal animals but Sacha is blind, maybe light doesn’t bother her that much. The footage begins in Jane’s garden, where a sprinkler has been laid on part of a concrete path.

Tiny Sacha can be seen at the side of the path as the sprinkler sprays water back and forth. The tiny hog is spinning around in circles trying to get as much of the spray as possible. Even as the sprinkler moves away from Sacha to water the other side of the foliage, the hog continues to spin around – until finally the water comes back. Maybe she thinks her rain dance is doing the trick! The rescue hedgehog stays in the garden with two custom built shelters that she can rest in, although she usually sleeps outside under the plants. Sacha hibernates between October to April, and likes to eat fruits, seeds and meat flavored cat food.

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