BMX Bike Riding in NYC

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Published: August 6, 2018Updated: August 7, 2018

BMX it is not just a huge layer of youth culture, it's a lifestyle for many fans of this type of cycling. Currently, in most countries of the world, including Russia, there is a huge number of sports clubs in which various directions are created and developed in BMX. In addition, in addition to sports clubs, there are many different "street" groups, united on the basis of BMX hobby.

 BMX is a sport that is great for outdoor activities. In addition, cycling has a positive effect on the tone of the body and on health in general.

  BMX, as a kind of cycling, appeared in the 70s of the last century in America, California. In those years, in the United States were very popular competitions in motocross. Many teenagers who were fond of motorsport did not have the opportunity to sit behind the wheel of a real cross-country motorcycle, so they tried to repeat all the tricks they knew on their bikes. The connection of the first BMX-bikes with motocross is also traced in the original BMX-Bike Motocross abbreviation.

  Since it was very difficult to perform tricks on ordinary road bicycles, cyclists began to modernize their bikes themselves, making them more comfortable for BMX tricks. It was such a mass phenomenon among cyclists that attracted the attention of several manufacturers who later designed a suitable bike model to perform tricks. The first companies that started producing BMX-bikes were Haro, GT, Mongoose, Hutch and Skyway. Initially, the first models had significant differences from the current bikes, both constructively and in terms of functional parameters. But, despite this, such bicycles were already designed not only for high-speed driving, but also for performing a variety of tricks, which it is difficult to repeat on an ordinary bicycle. Thanks to the tricky focus of the BMX-bike, the current interpretation of the BMX abbreviation acquired this form - Modified Bike X-treme.

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