Veteran With PTSD Gets A Service Dog As A Present

Published August 6, 2018 2,413 Plays $1.90 earned

Rumble A U.S. Army veteran who suffers from severe PTSD was brought to tears after reading an emotional letter from his family surprising him with a service dog. Rudy Pena, from Amarillo, Texas, is a 10-year Army Combat Medic but after two deployments in Iraq began suffering PTSD, night terrors and depression. He has always wanted a service dog to help but it can cost $20,000-$30,000 and sometimes even more depending on the breed, training, insurance and other costs.

Rudy’s wife, Samantha, was able to track down a local woman who offered her an affordable price so she immediately began planning the heart-warming surprise. Samantha, along with the couple’s children Aubrie and Trever and Rudy’s stepson Adrian Rojas, gave Rudy a letter to read on Father’s Day, before taking him to meet his new dog. As Rudy reads the moving letter out loud, he realizes the gift his family have given him, fighting back the tears to finish reading the rest of the note.

This is part of what the family has written to him in the letter he reads aloud: “'We love you so much that we have been planning a big surprise for you. We've called around and been searching all over town for the best gift to explain just how much you mean to us....Then he continues: “We hope to always see you happy and strong like the dad we know and love. You have fought for our country and our God you love each day to the fullest. ..'Now we give you your very own protector to watch over you as you did the whole world. And though we love many superheroes, you are our favourite.”

After realising they have bought him a dog called Justice, this dad exclaims 'no way' and grins from ear to ear. Justice is a service dog that can help him cope with his PTSD disorder as the dog started obedience training for PTSD sufferers. When dad comes to the point in the letter where it is said they he is going to get a service dog, the reality hits him and he struggles to continue reading and chokes back tears.

Later on in the same video we can see him happily playing with Justice. He has the whole time in the world to spend the best enjoyable moments with his new dog and we are sure that Justice will ease off the unbearable pain of fighting the disorder. It may seem like a small step now, but undoubtedly an important one. Having to deal with painful memories is tough, there is not a cure and memories never go away. That’s why his new dog will help him move to e better place, overwrite the bad memories and create new ones. We can see how these two immediately bonded, he is his little buddy for life and he already starting to have an amazing impact on this veteran. This dad is so lucky to have such a loving people in his life. His family rocks!


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